“Lord’s Army” Spiritual Movement

Introductory facts about revivalists movements in Romania In most of the communist countries the activity of revivalist movements was forbidden, many of their older members being imprisoned. After the collapse of the communist regimes these movements have become a common experience for the historical churches in the postcommunist period in Romania. Their emergence constitutes a challenge for the […]

What is the Army of the Lord

Tom Keppeler Iosif Trifa, a Romanian Orthodox priest, founded Oastea Domnului (Army of the Lord) in  1922.  This spiritual and moral renewal movement gained steady strength even through 40 years of communist rule in Romania.  Today, Army of the Lord faces new challenges as a legal religious association in a chaotic and changing nation. In […]

Christian committee for the defence of religious rights in Romania – 1978

The “Lord’s Army” Movement in the Romanian Orthodox Church The Lord’s Army wasfounded in 1923 by a Romanian Orthodox priest from Transyl” vania, Iosif Trifa. Essentially a moral renewal movement, aimed at. countering the strong influence of the evangelical movements, the Lord’s Army developed into a lay-initiative mission movement within Orthodoxy. In its ,heyday in the mid-thirties and forties, millions of Romanian Orthodox, including priests and […]

Two Factions in Romania’s Army of the Lord

Army of the Lord is a religious movement in the context of the Orthodox Church. How would you describe its current relationship with the Orthodox Church in Romania? In the eyes of Father Iosef Trifa, the founder of Army of the Lord, the Orthodox Church had departed from the fundamental values of the Bible and […]

Traian Dorz – The Example of Greatness

Brian Morgan THAT TERRIBLE CUP OF GREATNESS The Example of Greatness “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Even the Son of Man, the representative Israelite who receives power and dominion to rule an everlasting kingdom, did not […]

Nicolae Moldoveanu – Romanian Hymn Writer

This is an adaptation of an extended article written by Doru Radu and Dan Cure of Warren, Michigan, USA. The titles “composer” and “saint”, do not go together these days. However, this is precisely what has been said about Nicolae Moldoveanu on internet, blogs, Christian radio, TV stations, ever since July 12, 2007, the date […]

Moldoveanu and Dorz in The Lord’s Army

In the book by Michael Card, Scribbling In the Sand, there is an introduction and letter from Nicolae Moldoveanu on pp.147-151. Nicolae Moldoveanu died on July 12, 2007 at age 85. He was a Christian songwriter since at least 1959. I heard a concert of his music once at a Romanian Baptist church in Beaverton, […]

Lord’s Army History

Although it has its origin in the first Christians period, the history of Lord’s Army, as a movement in romanian Orthodox Church, has its beginning in the New Year’s Eve night of 1923. In that night, when few remembered God, somewhere in a small room in Sibiu, the orthodox priest Iosif Trifa sincerely meditated upon […]

Marching in the Lord’s Army

Edwin Woodruff Tait editor at Christian History www.christianhistoryinstitute.org/magazine/article/marching-in-the-lords-army/ SOMETIME IN THE 1910s, Iosif Trifa, the Orthodox priest serving the Transylvanian mountain village of   Vidra de Sus, was shocked by the arrival of the first “neo-Protestant” missionary, who began evangelizing Orthodox villagers. Trifa contacted the mayor and the chief of police and asked them to “take […]

Army of the Lord- Wikipedia

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_of_the_Lord The Army of the Lord (romanian: Oastea Domnului), also known as The Lord’s Army, is an  evangelical “renewal movement within the Romanian Orthodox Churh”. The founder of the Army of the Lord, Father Iosif Trifa, as well as consequent leaders, Ioan Marini and Traian Dorz, felt that “people needed to come to the […]

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